A mission whose primary objective is the rediscovery of quality through the culture of the project. Design the present looking at the past. Reaffirm the role of craftsmanship and creative skills to arrive at design solutions that can be transformed into the classic of tomorrow. We try to create a dialogue between technique and aesthetics, dexterity and technological innovation to propose exclusive lines that express all the characteristics of the Italian product of excellence. An identity to reaffirm and that the "new world" is ready to welcome. We want to create and propose objects full of meaning, charm and functionality. A "new age" of Italian design.


An exclusive relationship between creatives and artisanal and industrial productive realities, to create oprerative groups that have as their absolute belief the search for innovation drawing inspiration from the skills, still alive, of masters of tradition and manual skill. A research that allows you to build furnishing items of sartorial quality, unique pieces finished with meticulous care and individually customized. Raw materials of the highest quality and constructive knowledge, which are enhanced by a set of accessories and art inserts, for a collection that expresses exclusivity and refinement.


Through the experience of top-level designers and craftsmen, it allows you to customize each piece according to specific requests or technical construction solutions that differ from the standard production. Dimensions, colors and materials of our design proposals can be adapted to the context and environments in which the piece will be placed. Through cutting-edge IT tools, furniture design will be made plausible and contextualised in a photorealistic way.


We also deal with the study and design to create and manage a "tailor-made" living or working space. You can take advantage of the advice of our architects, to better design the spaces of your home / work environment and furnish it according to your style and your needs. With their proven professionalism and experience, they advise you on the best solutions and quickly realize the graphic design in scale and the render to let you see the final result at first sight


Each piece will be personalized with laser-cut steel plates reproducing: the designer's logo, the customer's name, the serial number and the year of production. Finally, the piece will be accompanied by a paper guarantee certificate kept in a precious leather folder.


Salvo Naccari


Cecè Gagliano